Why Use an Independent Insurance Representative to Help Select Your Medicare Option?

Using an independent insurance representative to navigate your Medicare options and selection creates a win-win-win scenario.  A win-win scenario is rare enough, so your skepticism is understandable.  Let’s explore the end result for each party.  We will begin with how you win.

Clients are the focus of Apex Planning Group’s process.  Questions about your specific situation, needs, and desires are where we start.  This is referred to as fact-finding.  We need to narrow down the plethora of options available to Medicare beneficiaries.  In any given county, there are DOZENS of options to select from.  The specific company we choose matters little compared to the product our clients wish to choose.  In addition, being independent allows us the opportunity to contact with numerous companies.  This gives our clients an opportunity shop for their preferred deal compared to most captive agents like State Farm or Country Financial, where often they are limited to a single option.  Working with an independent representative allows clients to select the coverage they want at the best possible rate.  That is how you win!

The insurance company wins a new customer.  This may not seem like a big deal at first but let’s explore this.  You are thinking so what?  They collect my money (in the form of a premium).  In turn, the company covers your expenses as outlined in the policy.  The money does go to the insurance company, which is a good thing.  As most clients understand, insurance is a numbers game.  The more numbers the insurance company collects, the better it is for both the company and the customer.  Actuarially, the pool expands each time a new customer signs up for a policy.  This helps spread around the costs.  This pool expansion can help smooth out price increases when more healthy people join the covered pool of customers.

Last, but not least…we win.  We are compensated by insurance companies:  not by our clients.  (Guess that is a win for our clients too!!)  As we enroll clients into plans, our compensation increases.  Clients are helping small businesses by using their services instead of calling an insurance company directly.  And remember, the price you would pay by directly enrolling is the exact same as working with someone to help you enroll.  Additionally, if you are working with someone with the same philosophy as us, you will get much better service, attention, and recommendations than that 800 number that flashes on your TV screen or is on your caller ID.

Working with an independent representative creates a win-win-win.

You win.

The insurance company wins.

The independent representative wins.

Please consider working with an independent insurance representative, whether it is me (Justin) or someone else.

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