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Justin Eggenberger

Justin Eggenberger

Licensed Insurance Agent

NPN #17262673

Medicare Supplement


You must have Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance). 

Medicare Advantage


What does Medicare cover? Medicare Part A,B,C,D have different benefits we will cover the basics.

Prescription Drug Plans


Medicare prescription drug coverage is an optional benefit offered to everyone who has Medicare.

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  • Health insurance is part of your family’s financial plan.

Financial Awareness

Retirement can be a financially challenging period of life, especially since seniors’ needs can change over time. But if there’s one senior expense that seems to keep going nowhere but up, it’s healthcare.

  • The Advantage

Different Year – Different Plans

Changed to: Medicare is adjusted regularly. The government can adjust things like the Part B deductible, Part D deductible, and other aspects that may impact your out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, insurance companies modify Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan components. Formularies, copayments, and coinsurance are things that may change

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  • We do our best

Find the plan that fits your needs

At the Apex Planning Group, our goal is to be the leading source for information, vital healthcare updates and most importantly the largest selection of Medicare insurance plans available online or off.

We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Plan’s Potential.

For yourself or you and your spouse or the whole family

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Justin was referred to me when I was trying to navigate the world of insurance options upon retirement. From our first discussion he began by listening to my specific requirements... read more

LA Biz Avatar LA Biz
April 22, 2024

I can't say enough good about Justin Eggenberger! He helped me (and my husband - 2 yrs ago) with our supplement and RX insurance. He didn't just put us... read more

Nancy Haag Avatar Nancy Haag
August 21, 2023

Justin is very professional and put us at ease right away with his knowledge and expertise while helping us with Medicare enrollment options. His local small town values really connected... read more

D Forneris Avatar D Forneris
August 3, 2023

Justin was knowledgeable, patient, and helpful to chart a course forward.

Henrik Christopherson Avatar Henrik Christopherson
July 24, 2023

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“Justin Eggenberger is the best agent I’ve worked with in a long time. He is a lovely soul. He goes above and beyond. He has been “Johnny on the spot” every time we need him. Hang onto him!”

Patricia Sherman
Justin Eggenberger

Justin Eggenberger

Licensed Insurance Agent

NPN #17262673